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How we started


Eroz Steady Aid systems is a technology company in Miami, funded by Renso Gomez, a video producer, filmmaker and photographer born in Barranquilla Colombia. He was tired of waiting for a practical solution to the stress(arm and back)while using his Glidecam. One day got inspired by a friend complaining and having the same pains.   Eroz Steady Aid systems was born out of the need for a simple solution. Our mission is to develop intuitive and simple tools for filmmakers to help them realize their artistic vision. 

Why Eroz X1?


Since the full Glidecam weight is held by just one hand including the camera, and the other hand function is to gently guide the camera using two fingers in the direction you wish to shoot, the normal reaction of the body is to try to get help from the opposite hand to compensate the weight. This creates a vibration that will ruin the shoot. With that in mind Eroz X1 came to life. Now with the weight distributed on both hands your fingers are free to guide the camera.


“Easy to attach, light, and compact!  I use it with glidecam hd2000 and Devin graham signature! :) and of course saves my right hand and arm.. Lol.”

Mendel Mish


“What I like the most is that I don't have to stop shooting every minute”

Rick Kelly


“Hey there, I love your product and have been using on my glidecam 2000- what an awesome thing y'all have made!.”

Jeff Stein

Aloha Renso,

"I used the Steady Aid System at my event and pretty much everyone especially those who used Glidecams for their business were intrigued and inquiring about your equipment. I shared them your website as well as let them have a hands on feels to operate the Eroz X1. They were blown away how much lighter, less stress on the wrist, forearms, and shoulders as well on how versatile to get around without any difficulties. Some even seen your demo videos and the Eroz X1 and were a little skeptical until they actually had it there in hands and taking it for a test drive. They were sold on the spot."



MCD MultiMedia

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