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More than just a smart upgrade for your Glidecam. The new Eroz X1 is considered the first camera stabilizer anti-fatigue support system, designed to give you more stability and control while distributing naturally the weight of your Glidecam over the two arms of the operator with the Fastest - most Simple Set up ever, and without electronic parts.

Exclusively to be Compatible with GLIDECAM HD-1000,HD-2000,HD-4000,XR-100,XR-2000,XR-4000,XR-PRO and Devin Graham Signature series

Stress Free

No more arm and wrist pain.

Control with comfort

Help you control tilts and paning while shooting.


Find the exact setup for your style.

More Stability

Improved stability during movement for dynamic camera shots.

Light weight and compact

Easily foldable. Take it with you without worries.

Super Easy setup

You will need only seconds.

This device becomes an extension of the human body allowing you to use not only one, but two hands in a veriety of ways limited by your creativity and imagination. The Eroz X1 will help you master the Glidecam a lot faster with comfort while operating your DSLR with the most popular camera stabilizer Glidecam series. 

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